Overwatch: Sombra NERF Is Coming! – Leaked By Pro Player

Overwatch: Sombra NERF Is Coming! – Leaked By Pro Player

In this video we discuss the possible leak of an upcoming Sombra nerf brought about by unrest in the pro community surrounding the strength of her new kit. Recent Contenders play has revealed her to be played on the new patch, but not quite the dominant force some in the pro scene were predicting. Is this potential change too soon? Or do you think it’s justified. We also cover Jeff’s posting of the top 10 hero pick rates at every competitive rank from a few days ago. Turns out, D.Va seems pretty popular at every level of play, from bronze to Pro. Lucio however is another story, only picked with any significance at the very top and very bottom, he seems as under appreciated as ever.

Sombra Nerf Article: http://www.dbltap.com/posts/6001839-blizzard-might-be-planning-a-sombra-nerf-soon-for-overwatch?a_aid=43390

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