THE SEASON 2 WAIT CONTINUES! Star Wars Battlefront 2 Live Stream #76

THE SEASON 2 WAIT CONTINUES! Star Wars Battlefront 2 Live Stream #76

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➞Important Sponsor and Donation Information:
*To activate the Sponsor link on an iPhone you must uninstall the YouTube Gaming app if you have it, then use Safari to Sponsor then finally once sponsored you can reinstall the YouTube Gaming app
*To activate the Sponsor link on an Android device you must use the YouTube Gaming app, the normal YouTube app will not work
*When it comes to using Super Chat or Stream Labs to Donate I would highly recommend using Stream Labs:
YouTube take around 50% of your donation with Super Chat
PayPal Take around 15% of your donation with Stream Labs
*We currently have 12 Sponsors on the channel and will receive our next custom emoji at 15 Sponsors
*Our current Sponsor emojis are General Grievous, Obi Wan Kenobi and Jango Fett. Debate what the next one should be in the Sponsor Discord channel or Sponsor Twitter chat
*If you have Sponsored the channel and have not received the privileges of joining the Sponsor Discord channel, the Twitter Sponsor chat or being added to my favourites list on Xbox which will guarantee you invites to all my live stream games please let me know in the chat
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➞Streaming Schedule:
Random Days always at 7:30PM-10:30PM UTC
(Unfortunately, it’s difficult for me to make a schedule of days which I can stream while studying)

➞Stream Rules:
*This is a family friendly channel so keep this in mind when watching
* No swearing in the live chat (this does include abbreviations of inappropriate words)
*Respect one another always
*You may advertise your channel but DON’T spam it (3 or more identical or similar comments at once is classed as spam)
*Please don’t use capital letters repetitively in the chat as it clearly makes one comment stand out from another, if you spam it (more than 3 times) the comments will be deleted
*Respect all Moderators and the decisions they make, these members oversee the live chat during live streams
*If you feel you have been punished by a moderator unfairly don’t argue back in the live chat, contact me privately to discuss the matter. You can do this by private messaging me on my YouTube channel FireGuyGaming or by private messaging me on Twitter @FireGuyGaming (comments referring to this matter posted on my YouTube comments section will be removed)
*My Discord server follows the exact same rules as my YouTube channel so expect the same punishments over there if rules are broken

➞Moderator Privileges Rules:
1. Comment involving a swear word or an inappropriate comment: Instantly message is removed
If the user does this a second time the message is deleted again and another chance is given
If the same is done again the user is to be timed out
If the user continues this after the above punishments are given they are to be hidden (banned) for the rest of the current stream
2.Comment involving self-promotion is fine in the chat but if commented 3 or more times at once it is a timeout for that user
If the user returns with promotion after being timed out they are to be hidden (banned) if the second time includes 3 or more promotion related comments
3.If a user returns from comments being removed or a timeout and begins to disrespect the moderator’s decision they are to be imeditately timed out
If other users in the live chat join in with this or try to question moderator’s decisions they are also to be timed out immediately
If after this timeout they continue to be disrespectful they are to be hidden (banned)
4.If a user includes capital letters in a comment or posts a full capital letter comment 3 or more times at once all messages are to be deleted and if it continues use the same procedure to deal with it as above

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