World of Tanks T-10 – 8 Kills 9,6K Damage

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World of Tanks T-10 – 8 Kills 9,6K Damage

Medals received: Radley-Walters’ Medal, High Caliber, Top Gun

The T-10 is a Soviet tier 9 heavy tank.

Development started in 1949. The vehicle entered service in 1953 under the designation T-10. Subsequent development yielded several modifications of the tank, the most mass-produced being the T-10M. Approximately 2,500 vehicles were produced.

Formerly known as the IS-8, the T-10 is a departure from its “parent”, the IS-3, as instead of being a hands-on assault tank, the T-10 is a “softer” but faster heavy tank, comparable to the IS. It drives more like a “super medium” than a heavy. The front armor is slightly increased in thickness compared to IS-3, but it is far less effective in the front due to the worsened angles and increased height of the tank, but the side armour is increased by 30mm and it has spaced armour just like the IS-3. The turret is very hard to penetrate and the center of the front hull is capable of bouncing shots from the direct front, but shots from other tier 9s will often go straight through. The top gun, however, has enough penetration to easily take on other tier 9 and 10 heavy tanks, and does a lot of damage with a quicker reload than the IS-3’s BL-9 gun. Using the T-10’s speed to avoid damage and pick on other heavies makes this tank an extremely formidable opponent.

The T-10 marks the end of its Soviet heavy line.

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