Black Desert Online – The Negatives 2018

Black Desert Online In 2018: Part 2 – The Negatives (Review)
Black Desert has always been a very divisive MMORPG, It’s loved by some and hated by others, this basically describes how I feel about the game, some things I really like other things I really dislike, Since a new year is upon us I decided it appropriate to re-review Black Desert Online, to show you what’s new, what’s changed and what you may or may not enjoy about the game, this is part 2 of two in which I explain the Negative aspects of BDO



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—Black Desert Description—

– Experience Intuitive Skill Based Combat Gameplay
– In depth and unique life skills
– Enjoy The Ultimate Fantasy Role-Play And Discover Endless Possibilities
– Explore A Captivating World With Groundbreaking Visuals
– Partake in massive large scale PVP

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Black Desert Online – The Negatives 2018

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