“Go Fast Update Part2: Subclasses” – Destiny 2

“Go Fast Update Part2: Subclasses” – Destiny 2

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This is part 2 of my breakdown of the go fast update in relation to the subclass changes.

The Dawnblade changes were amazing and give the class more unique flair aka sky fire boi. Arcstrider super is now not complete ass, and in my opionion, Arcstrider is in a PERFECT spot. All other subclasses should look to Arcstrider for how to be balanced.

Nightstalker is still strong, just less obnoxious to deal with with invisibility no longer breaking AA. I think Shadowshot tether should be invincible until it activates so a Fists of Havoc slam can’t destroy it before it activate, but other than that the top tree is quite strong.

My main gripe is I feel a LOT of the other subcless are also underperforming, and they didn’t get touched. Chaos Voidwalker, Aggressor Sentinel, Gunslinger, and Sunbreaker all feel kind of meh in comparison to the other classes.

Weapon changes coming up next, probably with Power Ammo changes as a stand alone video.


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