Call of Duty Black Ops 2 PS3 W/ Soj_Shadow_Plays

Playing with a bud of mine, have some fun and check em out here:
More Fun practice with this game. i love it alot man.
Im ready to play some old school games man, enjoy people and muchlove!!!!

Come on and hang out, its been a long time coming guys and thank you to all that have been on this journey with me, you guys are the best!!!!!!

Disclaimer: 18+ CHANNEL!!!! I occasionally swear, and i have no filter on what i say alot of the time. so if you dont like cursing or inappropriate content, this might not be the channel for you. I play games for fun and have a weird take on some aspects of the game. These vids are for fun and entertainment purposes. Thank you and enjoy

Chat Rules: Dont Spam CAPS or emojis, nightbot is a dickhead, he will time ya out. basically use common sense. NO SELF PROMOTION!!!! NO RACISM!!!!
Dont be a dick, basically. i will def call out any controversy in chat if need be, mods got my back and i respect their decisions. so have fun!!

At 500 subs i will be doing a giveaway for Final Fantasy 5 for Playstation with a memory card.
At 1000 subs i will be giving away a PS2 system with a memory card.
I would like to take this time to let everyone know that i’m extremely appreciative of all the positive vibes a great times, you guys hold the best part of this community at your grasps. Thank you, and to more… salute!

restreaming to youtube and twitch now!! come hang

Multistreaming with
Donate: This all goes back into the channel.

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