Fallout 4 Xtra Skimpy 18+ | XBox One X BC

Fallout 4 Xtra Skimpy 18+ | XBox One X BC

Fallout 4 Xtra Skimpy Stream | If digitally rendered naughty bits in a post apolalyptic setting offends you, then you should probably not hang out in this stream..

And I still love Fran. #ThatSoundsLikeSomethingATalVashothWouldSay. If you are a white, SJW male barista for Starbucks wearing a man bun and secretly hating white people because Hillary told you to, then comments made in this stream *may* offend you.

Nathaniel McGarrett, I miss you Little Dude, and always will.

Fallout 4 Mod List / Load Order XBox One :

Armor and Weapons Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) (XB1: All DLC) – Valdasi
Armorsmith Extended – Gambit77
[XB1] UCO Base Game – ANDREWCX
Survival Options – Jekod
Give Me My Bottle Back – Xbox01
STFUPreston (One Minuteman Radiant Quest At A Time) – Crimsonrider
Keep Radiants In The Commonwealth) – AlpineYJ
Fallout 3 Lighting and Weather in Fallout 4 – TeMka169
Icebreaker Settlements Settler Dialog Overhaul – Blockyhead
Icebreaker Piper – Blockyhead
Girly Idle Animation (Cherry Picked From Girly Animations) – Langnao
Simple Radio Stations – Comiconomist
Vivid Waters (Vanilla) – Mangaclub
Visible Galaxy 4k – SpaceGoats
Vivid Fallout (HD) Roads and Bridges – Hein84
Enhanced Blood Spatter – dDefinder
[XB1] Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar v2.5a – azar
MightyFran3d With Vanilla Outfits (Atomic Beautv-TheMilkDrinker, ,Bodyslide – Caliente/Ousnius, Atomic Beauty Physics Body Base – Munkeyspunk, Tattoo png’s – Vex)) – My Own Custom Bodyslide Project / Unpublished
Face Texture Glitch Fix A – Ray1
Valkyr Female Face Textures by Fuse00 – Ray1
Young Explorer (XBox) – lakeemV
Loving Piper – Koozebane
Loving Curie – Koozebane
Loving Cait – Koozebane
X1 Jacq’s NOT Default Eyes – demonofsarila
PIP-Pad – LittleChronic
Fran’s Toxic Raider Armour (By Grinngin Urchen / Converted to AB by Kenosos / Physics Added By Me) – Unpublished
Fran’s Lip Rings 0Taken From Femshepping’s Port) – Unpublished
MAC-11 Machine Pistol (XB1 Version) – DOOMBASED
M82a .50 cal Sniper (Greatly Nerfed To Game Balance) – Amoveve

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Mod List / Load Order:
Vivid Weathers Def. Edition – Mangaclub
Lampposts Of Skyrim :SE – Micahghost
MAP Project Hippie – Rifleman399
Sexy Statues – Me (Ported for Personal Use from https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14400 )
Sexy Night Mother – Me (P4PU from alteration of a mod by Edhildil)
Partysnax Dilemma – Arthmoor
RDO Relationship Dialog Overhaul – cloudedtruth
Follower Overhaul (XBox One) – MayhemFighter
Fem Orcs Use Fem Animations – Fluffin
Immersive Wenches – KozukeHajime
Wet And Cold (XB1) – isoku
KS Hairdos Lite – Brataccas
KS Hairdos Lite TBBP Patch – AlpineYJ
saLa Hair – tktk
Adorable Females – Shroudlegacy
Chloe – Me (Seraphim TBBP Body w/ Maevan Mature Skin Texture and 3d Body Hair Merged Mesh)
rxkx22 Seranaholic (v 1.8) – AlipneYJ
Natural Eyes – Shroudlegacy
Chloe Outfit Mashup – Me (P4PU From Seraphim Vanilla and Skimpy Sets, TBBP added to some Skimpy Outfits)
Unique Armors & Weapons Unenchanted And Craftable – Gothenburger85
zarias Piercings – alaann
Weapons Of The Third Era – CoffeeeeCup
XP32 Maximum Skeleton XPMS – Allie1718
Dualsun Animation Replacer (DW Version) – SolidSkorpio
TBBP Animations – AlpineYJ
VHHWalk Only – Me (Walk Animation Only From Victoria’s High Heel Walk)
Khajiit Has Stealth – Me (MT Sneak Idle Only From Crawl On All Fours Mod)
Fiona Idle For Females – TarshImports
Beasty Greatsword – EvilPandaButt
The Ultimate Dodge Mod – ShikyoKira
Realistic Water 2 – isoku
Enhanced Blood Textures – dDefinder

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