Battlefield 5 EA Play Build

The build of Battlefield 5 I played at EA Play didn’t save any settings between rounds so I gave up quickly on trying to find a comfortable setup and get any kind of “normal gameplay” 😛 Also the recording setup was pretty messed up so I didn’t get to record as much as I did for BF1.

Anyways these are my thoughts on the game so far or on the build I played.

Presented by EA Game Changers


Armor or tanks in this case have weight to them and don’t ice skate ( BF3, BF4 tanks ). They take a reasonable amount of rockets or dynamite to destroy and nothing stuck out as off or “bad” regarding armor.

Planes are a bit of a mystery in some areas. It looks like they resupply or reload by flying through giant 3D icons in the sky. If this is an attempt at making it so planes have to go back to reload instead of making infinite strafe runs on the same target they’ll need to move the 3D icons they fly through to reload further away. Personally I’d still argue the value of airfields at least with any map that is meant for Conquest or Conquest Assault. It makes objectives that have airfields tied to them valuable. Which makes planes or really the pilots that want to fly want to defend those objectives from both the air and the ground. It didn’t look like you could 3D spot in planes which is great to see however 3D spotting itself is inconsistent in this build, mention more about this later.


Overall I can’t really come to any conclusions as we’ve only seen a tiny piece of all of them. My main concern about the way they are going about classes or class archetypes in this game is if one is substantially better than the rest we’ll see too many players running around with it and less main classes that have the classic utility we expect from them like revive needle ( shock paddles ), meds, ammo, things like that. Also when you switch or pickup another player’s kit you only take their weapon. This means if you wanted to you could be an Assault that has dynamite, rockets and a bolt action rifle if you take one from a dead Scout/Sniper. Also as any non-medic or non-support class I can run to get ammo and meds at those boxes I showed in the video at any time.

There appears to still be tank and pilot classes again which is probably why we have the Assault class again instead of the Engineer class…

Oh and holy crap the spotting flares are a bit nutty. One can cover half the combat area. Although they don’t appear to be specific to one class.

Game Mechanics

Suppression appears to be gone although I’m slightly concerned that one clip I included was caused by suppression but it’s likely some invisible wall I was hitting.

3D spotting appears to be showing up in two forms. One I don’t know how it works exactly as everyone I talked to about it wasn’t able to but the Sniper’s spotting scope is supposed to let you spot targets. Also apparently a 3D icon appears over a player’s head when suppressed by a support player. Whatever the current issues are I’d rather it be completely gone but I certainly don’t think we need a form of it back because of “it’s too difficult to see or identify enemies”. That issue mostly comes from too many effects on the screen. Lens flares, dust, mud, snow all seem to stick to your “eyes”. Add that to the current UI and it’s pretty bad. Current version of 3D spotting in BFV is inconsistent so it’s difficult to judge the influence it will have on combat.

Also regarding graphical effects in the game that HDR crap seems to be in again and everything else they added back in BF1’s CTE. Soooo many things to disable. I wish we could disable that snow. I’m surprised the developers are trying to add more of that nonsense because it ends up making videos look worse on YouTube and any livestreaming service because the textures and effects are too complex that they make the standard H264 codec crap out anytime there is a “bad” keyframe.

Time to kill seems to be lower than the previous game although this could be caused by multiple things. While the weapons are likely balanced when players at 100% hp you are often below that because of changes to regen and things like barbed wire, fall damage etc. chipping away at your health as you move across the map. It could also be the damage being buffered and sent in one frame, not sure though it was difficult to tell as we didn’t exactly have ping I’d expect for what I thought was a lan setup ( 17 ms, maybe they changed it to round trip ). Oh an apparently the headshot multiplier is higher in BFV. Gamescom will be interesting to see as it sounds like the TTK or damage of most weapons was already changed according the the developers.

Sort of a tldr; Most of it is a BF1 re-skin. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Think BF3 to BF4 and how that felt. Overall we should get a better version of BF1 which is something to look forward to.

I would have said more but I’m really close to the text limit of descriptions.

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