Skyrim ASMR | 300k Special

Skyrim ASMR | 300k Special

Sshhh, let Kristo quiet your mind. He knows bear. And can make penguin. Skyrim is nice sounds.

This Skyrim ASMR is for Graenolf 300k Special. He is very happy. He is thankful for love. He hire Kristo to make you sleeping with soft sounds. I do good sleep ASMR relaxation.

People say to Kristo this is just gaming roleplay. Or video game roleplay. That I am not real. I spit. ASMR video games is no Kristo. Real Skyrim ambience from real ears, that is what I am. I am no Gibi but I am. I am quiet. I listen. Okay.

This is who Kristo listen to when need inspiration:

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