HE’S GOING TO HAVE A LITTLE SISTER! – Minecraft: 100 Baby Challenge – EP 3

HE’S GOING TO HAVE A LITTLE SISTER! – Minecraft: 100 Baby Challenge – EP 3

Minecraft 100 Baby Challenge! – In this episode of the Minecraft 100 Baby Challenge, in the last episode I had my first baby boy, now its time to have our first daughter!

The Minecraft 100 Baby Challenge was taken from the Sims 100 Baby Challenge. The Minecraft Challenge is to get at least 100 babies! The rules are, you can only have 5 babies per Minecraft Comes Alive spouse, have 100 babies/children, the children can be moved out but must stay near by, and the first and 100th baby are the most important. The main mod used is the Minecraft Comes Alive mod, we have a few Minecraft furniture mods like Decocraft. Our job is to have a Minecraft wedding and get married! Then have your Minecraft kids with out Minecraft husband! It’s abit of Minecraft survival with a Minecraft roleplay twist! Lets see how long it takes to complete the Minecraft 100 Baby Challenge!

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