Overwatch: How to Be a PRO Symmetra 3.0 – Seagull Advanced Guide

Overwatch: How to Be a PRO Symmetra 3.0 – Seagull Advanced Guide

The NEW Symmetra 3.0 rework changes her play style significantly and today we study the play of Dallas Fuel Pro and streaming superstar Seagull who’s famous for mastering these kind of niche heroes. In this advanced guide we show off symmetra’s new weapon/offensive attack capabilities, teleporter and ultimate. The biggest synergies in play come when you give the instant mobility for her team to characters that are either entirely or functionally immobile most of the time like Ana, Orisa, Bastion, Torbjorn and when you start to “bounce the bunker” to instantly teleport characters that normally have limiting or NO mobility at all, to all of a sudden quickly escape, flank or get to spots they normally couldn’t access at all, or not reliably in the chaos of a fight. BIG Game changing stuff coming in from the new Symmetra who essentially is a new hero release with how different she now plays. If you enjoyed today’s guide video, be sure to leave it a like and check out the streamers featured in today’s video linked below!

Check out the streamers featured!
Seagull https://www.twitch.tv/a_seagull
Mendo https://www.twitch.tv/mendokusaii

OUR VARIETY STREAM! https://www.fb.gg/yogaming

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