Overwatch: BEST World Cup Series EVER! – Korea vs Finland Analysis

Overwatch: BEST World Cup Series EVER! – Korea vs Finland Analysis

The OWWC2018 is shaping up to be the most competitive Overwatch World Cup to date, with team South Korea looking mortal for once. Team Finland, who is comprised entirely of top tier Overwatch League Talent (bar their one sub player Davin who many would say is OWL ready as well) put up one hell of a fight against the two time OWWC champions SK. The SK roster is famously prominently NYXL players Meko Libero Ark and Jjonak (Sbb is on the bench thus far) supplemented by the LAV Main Tank Fate and the MVP Candidate DPS Philly Fusion Carry Carpe. But, despite this powerhouse lineup many were convinced they may not in fact be the strongest roster currently, despite them looking to be in the majority of OWL S1, we’re in a completely new meta so it may finally be the time for team SK to drop a WC championship. But today was not the day. Team Finland gave one hell of a fight, but in the end SK clutched it out in a hectic flurry of last second playmaking. Finland looked dominant on maps where their tank core was allowed to shine in the close range maps Kings Row and Rialto and weaker when Carpe was left uncontested on Anubis or falling victim to Libero and co. rocket + support combos to melt the tank line. Finland can walk away from this series proud, having put up a history defining effort vs SK, but they don’t take the win. Begging the question is there even a non-Korean team that can take down Korea? Finland is comprised of one of the best Rein players, one of the strongest support backlines and top tier DPS OWL has to offer, outside of Korean origin. Is there ANY roster that can topple them? Finland may be their strongest opponent… But they can still redeem themselves, there’s more OW to be played and they can still make it into the Top 8 if they perform well in their upcoming matches. If you enjoyed the video be sure to leave it a like!

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