Far Cry 1: Walkthrough – Volcano [Level 20] (Realistic Mode) 4K UHD – 60FPS MAX Settings

Far Cry 1: Walkthrough – Volcano [Level 20] (Realistic Mode) 4K UHD – 60FPS MAX Settings

Far Cry 1 Complete Walkthrough – Level 20 (Volcano) Ending in 4K UHD, at 60FPS on the Realistic difficulty setting.
● Far Cry playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrRiUAy88fMKkLmGQDMBcEzHyx3IXaLor
● Created by Crytek, published by Ubisoft.

Playing on the realistic difficulty changes the behaviour of the AI and their durability very early in the game. On any of the other difficulty settings, you would expect opponents with helmets only near the end of the game, instead you’ll encounter them as early as in level 3 (Fort).

In short, you can expect enemy headshots to be one-hit kills (even with armor!), you take exponentially more damage upon body shots, allowing you to die in no more than three of four shots. Armor is key to survival, but ultimately provides almost no additional cover, being an extension of your healthbar rather than anything else.

Lastly, enemy AI will much more quickly resort to using different strategies, calling in additional help (armed helicopters, land vehicles, boats) and using ‘smart’ hiding spots and routes to flank you when multiple mercenaries are available.


– Never run and gun on this mode, it means instant death even at the very first camp in the game.
– Always pick up body armour. This is the case on every difficulty, but especially on realistic, as it marginally (but surely) decreases your visibility, and stops most body shots from ripping you apart in seconds.
– Lay low and hide in bushes almost 100% of the time. Mercenaries will almost never notice you on sight when doing so, and allows you to sneak from any direction.
– Use of the single-shot firing mode on the rifles in the game allows for precise shooting from further distances. Make good use of this on the realistic difficulty.
– Land vehicles, like the jeep or buggy, and armed boats are your friends. They allow for easy kills from large distances with rockets and miniguns. In contratry, mounted miniguns on the ground are a death wish, avoid them as they generally expose you in wide-open areas.
– Detonate most explosive barrels if you can, to eliminate multiple enemies at a time.
– Avoid using your flashlight when possible, it is too noticeable. Use your binoculairs to register enemy positions, this is of extreme importance on realistic. Use smoke grenades and flashbangs in small corridors to easily ambush and kill multiple mercenaries.
– The silencer MP5 and the shotgun are your best friends. Use these to silently take down enemies, or blast away the trigens.
– Patience is everything. It’s what, in the long run, will allow you to beat every level. Muscle memory is going to be of high importance, knowing most enemy spots beforehand can give you a huge advantage.


This is it, it’s the real ending of Far Cry 1. Somehow, I’ve always felt that this level feels like an impossibility, most certainly when you’re playing the game for the first time. However, coming back to it so many years later, with a bit more knowledge, and all the skills you’ve built up against the A.I. till this part, it’s not ALL that hard to deal with it.

I guess what’s a bit ‘sad’ about this level is the enormous fog that actually hides a few of the trigen mercenaries from your view, on top of the fact that at least 2 of those are placed behind fences that you are barely able to shoot through. To finish things off, they cannot see you until you’ve gone past a certain FOV, but if you’re quick you can still take them down.

The fight against Fat Boys is one big trial-and-error. There’s almost no way you can win on realistic without taking the trigen mercenaries out first, because guess what they can shoot you from MILES away in the head. If you then have to fight the Fat Boys and them at the same time, it’s a big no-no on realistic. Instead, taking your time to deal with them on a one-by-one basis is the way to go.

The Dolye ending can hardly be called a bossfight, but then again that’s what makes it different from most shooters, for which I applaud the developers!

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● Difficulty: Realistic
● Resolution: 3840×2160
● Advanced Video settings: Very High
● Advanced Water settings: Ultra High
● Anti-Aliasing: x8
● Patch version: 1.4


– Win10 Home Edition [64-Bit]
– Intel Core i7 7820X @ 3.60GHz [Skylake-X 14nm Technology]
– NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti [4GB]
– 16,0GB Dual-Channel @ 1066MHz (cl14) [DDR4]
– Gigabyte X299 AORUS Ultra Gaming Pro
– Xilence Performance X [750W]
– AOC PQU2777B Monitor [3840×[email protected]]
– Samsung SSD 960 EVO [500GB]
– Samsung SSD 960 EVO [250GB]
– Western Digital WDC [3TB]
– ASUS BC-12D2HT [Blu-ray]

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