Guild Wars 2 | [vT] Agriope πŸ’€ Warrior Spellbreaker WvW Roaming #20

Guild Wars 2 | [vT] Agriope πŸ’€ Warrior Spellbreaker WvW Roaming #20

hey friends! welcome back! this is a long vid, ‘cuz i felt like it since it’s the 20th warrior vid in this little chain of vids i’ve been making. hope it’s not too much of a beast for you to enjoy!
i’m looking forward to seeing what the november 13th patch brings us, stat-change wise and whatever else they sneak in. seems like it might be a big patch!
i’ve been streaming quite a bit since the last video, hopefully you’ve stopped in and said hello! if not, is where you’ll find me live and chillin’. i finally got twitch affiliate over there so i have subscriptions which get you a twitch emote “agriopMonkaS” xD
so think about using your twitch prime sub on me! or if not, at least come by, say hey and follow – it’s free!

πŸ’€ Questions? Comment here or catch me in-game @ Agriope.4523.

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Daniel Deluxe – Star Eater
Daniel Deluxe – Prime
Dance With The Dead – Invader
Street Cleaner – Outnumbered
Judge Bitch – Thunderground
Big Giant Circles – Lax
Stilz – Scanner (feat. The Encounter)

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