Really Difficult Sega Genesis Games

Here we take a look at some of the Genesis games I encountered way back when that really gave me a ton of trouble. Some of them were good enough for me to battle through, some not. Let me know down in the comments what Genesis and Mega Drive games gave you trouble.

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Opening animation done by:

Episode Notes:
Opening SEEEGAAAA from Astal for the Saturn.
Ending credits music from Batman for the Genesis.

Since I no longer owned some of these games, I decided to try a full episode capture of an actual emulator. I used KEGA.

I have a number of Genesis games I wanted to add to this episode, but it was already near 20 mins long. I think a part 2 is definitely coming.

I sat and played Road Rash for hours trying to beat level 5. Couldn’t do it. It’s an absolute nightmare.

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