*BEST* RIVEN RUNES AGAINST ALL CHAMPIONS! (+60 Champions) – League of Legends

Proguides – Get Better at League of Legends.

Here’s the best runes, starter items, tips in specific against ALL champions (+60 Champions)

Timestamps of all champions:
00:57 Aatrox
01:05 Akali
01:13 Azir
01:21 Camille
01:29 Cassiopeia
01:37 Cho’Gath
01:45 Darius
01:53 Ekko
02:01 Fiora
02:09 Fizz
02:17 Galio
02:25 Gangplank
02:33 Garen
02:41 Gnar
02:49 Gragas
02:57 Heimerdinger
03:05 Illaoi
03:13 Irelia
03:21 Jarvan
03:29 Jax
03:37 Jayce
03:45 Karthus
03:53 Katarina
04:01 Kayle
04:09 Kennen
04:17 Kled
04:25 Lissandra
04:33 Malphite
04:41 Maokai
04:49 Mordekaiser
04:57 Nasus
05:05 Olaf
05:13 Ornn
05:21 Pantheon
05:29 Poppy
05:37 Pyke
05:45 Quinn
05:53 Renekton
06:01 Rengar
06:09 Rumble
06:17 Ryze
06:25 Shen
06:33 Singed
06:41 Sion
06:49 Swain
06:57 Sylas
07:05 Tahm Kench
07:13 Talon
07:21 Teemo
07:29 Trundle
07:37 Tryndamere
07:45 Udyr
07:53 Urgot
08:01 Vayne
08:09 Viktor
08:17 Vladimir
08:25 Warwick
08:33 Wukong
08:41 Yasuo
08:49 Yorick
08:57 Zed
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► *BEST* RIVEN RUNES AGAINST ALL CHAMPIONS! (+60 Champions) – League of Legends

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I’m a Challenger player in League of Legends, A Riven main known as Daveyx3. My channel includes tips and tricks, guides and how to get better at League of Legends. Also bringing you Educational and Learning content to improve and get better. Everything about League of Legends and my main champion Riven, You can find it here on this channel.

I’m a Riven main and played over 5000 riven games over the past many seasons. I have millions of Riven mastery points and the most dedicated Riven main in the world. I still play Riven even to this day, And I believe Riven has never been as good as she is today. If you have any questions about Riven or anything else, You can talk to me on discord or message me privately and I will help you.

I’m a NEW content creator for the game League of Legends and champion Riven, I want to build my community towards the direction of League of Legends and towards the direction of my main champion Riven.

What to expect in the future of my channel Daveyx3?
+ In the future we will have Iron to Diamond climbing series,
+ Challenger to Rank 1 Series and become the rank 1 of a region.
+ I will be uploading gameplay with commentary,
+ More how to, Guides and tips & tricks to improve.
+ New video’s for educational & learning gameplays.

This channel includes:
-How to get better at League of Legends
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-Guides to improve in League of Legends
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