Devil May Cry 5 – Legacy Theme – [With Lyrics] [Extended] (Last Trailer OST)

Devil May Cry 5 – Legacy Theme – [Extended] (Last Trailer OST)
When those voices deep within
bring you down to your knees again,
Redemption calls on to
all of those who persist
with the strength of the few.

Don’t come to question
all that you’ve known.
Remember you are not alone!
I will be here, standing beside you.

There is no mountain
too tall to overcome.
We will be as one.
You will rise again.
This is your legacy!
Rise again.
This is your legacy!

El tema del ultima trailer de Devil May Cry 5, lo puse varias veces para disfrutarlo un poco mas.

The theme of the last trailer of Devil May Cry 5, I put it several times to enjoy it a little more.

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