Mock 2019 NBA Draft! Zion Williamson to the Knicks? Ja Morant to Phoenix?

As the back end of the regular season is coming to an end NBA fans turn their minds to the playoffs. With the bloodbath that has been the Western Conference and the top five teams in the East being really strong, we are set for an entertaining show. But for the 14 teams who miss the playoffs, and their fans, some of their attention will begin to turn to the NBA draft and the wealth of potential that lies within it. The draft is probably the most uncertain form of talent acquisition in the NBA, but it also has the most range.

Even with the first pick you could acquire a Kwame Brown or a Markelle Fultz and find yourself without the superstar you expect ala Lebron James, Ben Simmons, or Anthony Davis. On the opposite end of the spectrum you could find serious talent all the way through to late first and even second round. Rudy Gobert was selected with the 27th pick, John Collins with the 19th, and bigger projects like Mitchell Robinson with the 36th pick.

It is for these reasons that I refer to the NBA draft as an art not a science. Like art everyone has different perspectives on players, potential, and the quality of decisions that are made by teams. NBA teams, journalists, and fans alike all try their best to find ways to turn the draft into science, but the reality is that players are never drafted 1 to 60 in terms of future value added.

This video will aim to clear up some of the murkiness surrounding the draft, by giving my thoughts on the rankings of the top players in this years draft. I will do this by taking the standings of the lottery as of the 23rd of March 2019. In making this mock draft I considered the teams needs slightly, but as this is set to change at the lottery, I primarily focused on who was the best player available for most picks.

With those disclaimers done, lets jump right into the first pick of the draft.

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