Overwatch: BEST Pro GOATS Match EVER! – Overwatch League Finals Analysis

Stage 2 finals come to a close to reward the San Fransico Shock with their flawless stage, losing only 3 maps throughout, two of which to the previously undefeated Vancouver Titans, whose fast and loose style has been unbeatable until this match. To overcome the juggernauts of the Titans, Shock further developed their careful control GOATS style from stage 1, but with the practice of honing overly aggro play all Stage 2, farming up easier opposition. When it came to the Vancouver Titans in the finals however, the clash of styles gave us the best goats match ever, where Shock finally could land the clutch value plays to swing back fights, not just win the clean ones, therefore robbing the Titans of their trump card that had clutched out games for them every series prior. With Sinatra and Super going massive in the final map especially, but controlling the series carefully for most of it, the Vancouver Titans are finally beaten and Shock rest with a long break between stages as the best team in the world, having conquered the best. If you enjoyed this overwatch league finals analysis please be sure to leave a video a like and don’t forget to subscribe for more and hit the bell so you actually get notified when our videos go live!

Click here to watch the Stage 1 breakdown, of Bumper being unstoppable even when feeding: https://youtu.be/bT1VmMJVe14

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