Cheater Wins $50,000.. (YIKES) Ninja and Pewdiepie Duo in Fortnite!

Cheater Wins $50,000.. Yikes Ninja and Pewdiepie Duo in Fortnite!

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Epic made a choice and pros can’t believe this is actually happening. Does this cheater deserve $50,000 and a chance at millions more? DrLupo, Nickmercs, BenjyFishy, Mongraal, and many more pro players all agree that this is a slap in the face to the competitors who didn’t cheat and lose a spot at the Fortnite World Cup. Also, Ninja and Pewdiepie will DUO for Fortnite Friday! Will MrBeast face them in the 1st round? Will Lazarbeam face them in the 2nd?


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