Overwatch: HUGE Reinhardt Brawl BUFFS! – Orisa BUFF Reverted!

Okay this is the 3rd time this video has gone up, I’m sorry, Blizzard keeps changing the patch notes. Rein buff went through, Orisa’s speed did not.

The holidays have come early, Jeff graces us with a MASSIVE game-changing update that shifts Overwatch gameplay from guarded to aggressive. Barriers get nerfed across the board which should institute the fasted most brutal form of Overwatch gameplay we’ve seen since maybe the dive era. Reinhardt and Orisa get huge buffs, along with buffs to Genji Torb etc Moira and Widowmaker get nerfs. This new patch will be quite fun to explore this week so be sure to subscribe to catch our future videos covering the new state of Overwatch! If you enjoyed the video, please be sure to leave the video a LIKE!

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