Overwatch – Toxic Players BANNED! – Dive Meta Returns?

Overwatch toxic players and hackers have been BANNED… in South Korea! I’d love to see this information for EU and NA servers, I don’t know about you guys but it would make me super happy to see hackers being banned publicly. Overwatch League sees another top tier caster leave. Joining Monte and Doa, Semmler has announced he’s leaving Overwatch League. Moving into Season 3, Overwatch League is looking more and more dodgy, there’s been loads of concerns about player travel and all kinds of stuff too. OWL S3 could be a major disaster – personally, I hope it does fine, I’m really looking forward to watching games in the UK this year.

Finally we discuss the idea of Dive META making a comeback. Are Blizzard buffing dive tanks and DPS in an attempt to force the old dive meta comp back into the meta? Are they trying to spice up Overwatch League? As we know the current PTR patch 1.44 will be the patch Overwatch League stage 1 is played on.

Semmler on why he left Overwatch League https://www.theloadout.com/tournaments/overwatch-league/semmler-caster
Semmler tweet – https://twitter.com/OnFireSemmler/status/1216639034858053632
Overwatch bans – https://twitter.com/OverwatchNaeri/status/1216750472310083584
Patch Notes – https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/overwatch-ptr-patch-notes-%E2%80%93-jan-9-2020/444641

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