Overwatch: Pros Say Blizzard Killed Doomfist! – Was He Nerfed Too Much?

The NEW PTR patch has caused quite a discussion, everybody’s favorite Fist received a recovery time nerf that gives his opponents a chance to respond after uppercut, making it a far less gaurnteed tool for engaging. MANY pro players including Jake, Chipsa and more say this is the wrong route to go and effectively is blizzard killing doomfist and the nerfs are too much. They’d rather see him be easier to kill, but harder to play, but give the reward of fast eliminations. That style always seemed difficult for Blizzard to balance, so instead they’ve slowly made his kit shorter range, more sluggish but more tanky to compensate for his high impact damage. That all being said, Doomfist has proven to be one of the most resistant heroes to nerfs recently, due to how well he fits into the game. With lots of sustain and high impact cooldowns being key, the high risk all-in playstyle of Doom sees more value than less risky, lower reward heroes and because of that, this nerf too won’t make him unplayable in the ranked context at least and perhaps even at the pro level this power level reduction may open the door for Genji to emerge as the mobile Damage hero of choice. Remember of course, many pros have said for a long time Doomfist is just a better Genji and it’s hard to see a route back to Genji being more competitive without nerfs to Doomfist. It would be unfortunate to see such a cool character drop from grace in the Overwatch meta, but it may be a worthy sacrifice to keep steering the balance of Overwatch towards diminishing power creep and help the game play better overall. If you enjoyed the video please be sure to leave it a like and don’t forget to subscribe!

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