He Survived Cheating and Homelessness to Find Redemption in League of Legends

These days, LS is one of the most beloved League of Legends personalities. He’s a caster, he’s a streamer, and he’s even had some controversial things to say about the game.

But before he was one of League’s biggest names, he was at the center of a cheating scandal, he was homeless, and he was living in a foreign country with almost nothing to his name.

But LS survived, and he found redemption in League of Legends.

Written by: Malcolm Abbas (@Smashhh)
Edited by: Andrew Faigal (@Brrrning)
Additional Animations by: Shihab Mian (@shihabmian)
Hosted by: Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen)

Footage courtesy of: https://pastebin.com/FE38HMgk

Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).

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