Is Wastelanders Endgame Grind too LONG? – Fallout 76’s Controversial New Feature

Today we discusss the endgame grind of Wastelanders. In the month since release many users begun to view Wastelanders endgame grind, which is required to receive nearly all of the new weapons and armors, to be too long and tedious.


Video Notes:
Is Fallout 76 Wastelanders Endgame Grind too LONG?
– Wastelanders will have a TOW effect
o Extremely positive to start, but worse over time
o Seems to be happening – bugginess and this endgame grind
– Is the Endgame grind too long or am I just lazy
o Firstly why did Bethesda integrate new content this way
– What was Fallout 76’s old endgame?
o Farm legendaries
o Trade with others for hyper rare items
o Vault 94 raids, but also kind of no because they weren’t popular
 Known for a long while they were getting removed
o Daily quests
– New end game wants to give you something tangible to work towards
o So now not only do you grind for legendaries, but first you must grind to be able to unlock those weapons
 Some bullion and others faction reputation + bullion
• Then for most scrip and legendary modules
– 41 weeks for all, 22 for just core weapons + armors, 50 days for rep (but work around)
– Not sure if the issue so much that it is too long vs too annoying
– Reputation grind is just not fun
o Time spent in load screens is significant – simple and forgettable activities
o Bad but not really that bad because it is so short
o Not too long, just incredibly boring – easy fix is add alternate activities to gain reputation
 But also very few actual rewards – just allows you to spend gold bullions on certain things
o Not tied to core gameplay loop – artificial
– Gold bullion grind is longer in overall length and in the daily requirements
o A lot of time spent server hopping to find events themselves
 Sometimes get luckier and a few good ones pop up all at once
o The process itself is fun – interactive and can play with others
 But in between of finding events or getting people to do events with you is tedious and needs a better solution imo
• Sometimes spend a long time server hopping because I am only logging in to grind this
o Worst for armor – several weeks for armor set
– All this work for guns that are in all likelihood not better
o Inherent stats on some just worse
o For most builds need a god roll – availability of god rolls on older weapons is far larger and they are actually tradable
 In turn although like Bethedsa says you will have worked for that god roll – probably a lot of work – 1.5 rolls per day and then regular legendary grind continues
 Does not create a positive feedback loop wanting me to do this all again
– The reality is there isn’t 40 weeks of new content so what many players are doing now is only logging in for the grind on a daily basis – which leads to building resentment
o Even further can’t get gold bullions while doing Wastelanders quests…
 Disincentivises taking your time with new content if you also want to get other new content
o Doing the daily chores just to keep up with it – sometimes leads to really gun in game experience, other times just want to get it done
o Good alternative would be weekly caps, especially with gold bullions – Bethesda likely won’t go for this because they lose out on the major benefit of much higher daily active users
 But hypothetically allows you to really grind out things in bursts when you want to play – removes chore-like nature
• Can stack reserve notes
 Perhaps better rewards for those who want to go on daily – hardcore users
• But alternate ones for more casual players or just those who have other things to do
– But at the same time, don’t need anything and definitely don’t need to rush it out
o Want it all asap, but I think I am going to take my time with it
o But now if you’re not maxing these out weekly – bullion grind extends to a year+
 Hurdle of grind – people give it a go for now but eventually give up and don’t want to bother keeping up with it
– Grind is too long in that it seems overly focused towards that dedicated hardcore fanbase
o Solves some issues with giving users something to constantly work towards, but in turn creates issues for the other types of users
o After grind then what?
o Left me asking – from a player perspective is a grind like this better than just not having content from time to time?
– Big concern is this is a success and continues – more weapons added to it
o Helps Bethesda, hurts in game economy
– But muh MMO grind is way worse!!!!
o But for this franchise isn’t – this also isn’t an MMO it’s a MO
o Never got the argument because things in one game may be bad for that game but good for other games

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