GTA San Andreas All Easter Eggs And Secrets

Collection of All Best Easter Eggs, Secrets and References found in GTA SA (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)!

BEFORE you comment:
I’m aware the list may be longer but I chose the best ones and the ones that are worth of mention. I don’t include obvious brand and company slogan, logo and name parodies or any small returning brands from previous GTA games. I also excluded obvious cameos of characters such as Maria and Claude in some cutscenes.
But if you know some other major or worth of mention easter eggs that I didn’t include in the video, please let me know in the comment section! If there is more good stuff I should have included then I’ll throw in Part 2!

GTA III All Easter Eggs And Secrets:

GTA Vice City All Easter Eggs And Secrets:

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I apologize if it gets too repeative after a while, I tried to keep it down so you wouldn’t really focus on the music. And since there is little dialog in the video, you can just mute it and play your own tunes in the background!

The List:
01. No Easter Eggs
02. Starkweather Estate Blueprints (Manhunt)
03. James Earl Cash (Manhunt)
04. Rusty Wheelchair
05. GTA Vice City Maps
06. True Grime (True Crime)
07. GTA Boxes
08. Lance Vance
09. Ghost Tag
10. Box of Nails (Manhunt)
11. Bio Well
12. Gordon Freeman’s Crowbar (Half Life)
13. Max Pane (Max Payne)
14. Carcer City Tanks (Manhunt)
15. Not Welcome Door Mat
16. Statues of Lewdity
17. Michelle’s Tools
18. Card Deck With GTA Characters
19. Developers’ Names
20. Love Fist
21. Zombotech (Resident Evil)
22. Suicidal Photographer
23. Bridge Facts
24. Actual Piece of Cable
25. Action Figures (Manhunt)
26. Dildos
27. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
28. Jesus Saves
29. Wang Cars
30. Vice City Surfboard
31. Rockstar Games Constellation
32. Rockstar Games Logo Model
33. Candy Suxxx
34. Avery Carrington
35. GTA Vice City Shelves
36. The Jackson 5
37. RIP Opposition
38. Rockstar North Logo Paintjob
39. Tiki Package
40. Different Size of Moon
41. Cock Rock
42. Mysterious (Beta) Map
43. USS Numnutz Submarine
44. Drive-Thru Church
45. Flaming Tattoo
46. Tony Quotes Tony Montana (Scarface)
47. DMA Design
48. Adult Humor
49. Border Patrol Soldier (Manhunt)
50. Hostes Ad Pulverem Ferire
51. Woman Head on the Map
52. Scott Wilson’s Grave
53. Locals Only!
54. Kurt Cobain
55. Mysterious Building
56. CJD 500 Console
57. Silver Dildo
58. Beta CJ Cardbox
59. V-Rock
60. Rockstar North Everywhere
61. Editor Screenshot
62. Basic Instinct
63. Strict Rules
64. Police Brutality
65. Reservoir Dregs (Reservoir Dogs)
66. 3D Map of San Andreas
67. Chartered Libertine Lines
68. No ‘Big Prick’ Jokes Allowed
69. Mysterious Cemetery

(Yes that amount is done on purpose)

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