Weird toys from TV adverts | Ashens

If it’s not enough that they invade your TV, sometimes they invade your shelves / cupboards / dustbins! It’s advertising characters that became so popular they were made into toys. Weird, innit. Featuring: The Tango Doll (Gotan), ITV Digital / PG Tips Monkey, the Argos Aliens, Brian the robot, and Anchor Sam. #adverts #toys…

Star Wars Bend-Ems | Ashens

They’re cheap, they’re rubber, and they’re the closest thing to Star Wars figures you could buy in the shops in 1993! Join Stuart and Alec as they look at Luke Skywalker’s corpse, Pug Vader, and Obi-Wan The Redeemer among others… #StarWars #BendEms #Ashens

Bootleg Fortnite Figures | Ashens

This week on the Bootleg Files: more knock-off merchandise, this time based around a video game. A video game which already has many knock-off versions of itself on mobile phones. What is real any more? (Certainly not these Fortnite action figures, they’re dreadful.) #fortnite #bootleg #ashens

Subscription Boxes February 2019 – Loot Crate, Akibento, Treats | Ashens for MOVIE JOY It’s sub box time again! And I’m not talking about YouTube subscription systems. We’ve got all sorts of joy – cheap hats, naff calendars and disappointing stickers! Spread across Loot Crate, Akibento and Treats. Yum. #lootcrate #akibento #ashens

Poundland Valentines Day Special 2019 | Ashens

Our beloved Poundland once again sets us up for St. Valentine’s Day, and they’ve really wheeled out the big guns this year. We’ve got games, date suggestions, engagement rings, unpleasant mugs, horrible sequins in a lovely bottle, and literally nothing! #Poundland #Valentines #Ashens