RAIDING A LOADED SOLO |Rusty Moose Main| Rust Solo Survival (3 of 6)

In todays episode I get lucky with some raids and online raid a solo player for mega profit. SERVER | Rusty Moose Main | | Join my discord:

OUTNUMBERED ONLINE RAIDS |Rustafied Medium| Rust Solo Survival (3 of 5)

In todays video I do a few online raids, one successful, the other not so much. I then came across a group who built deep in the snow and messed with them for a bit. SERVER | Rustafied Medium | | Music from Epidemic Sound: “Roses” Instrumental by Homage

Rust – Hapis

survival game rust pvp clans snowball loot did i say pvp? spoonkid rust time

GUESSING A CLANS CODES |Rustafied Medium| Rust Solo Survival (1 of 5)

Starter Base: Main Base: In todays video I guessed a clans code to be 8989, a code which is commonly used along with 0023, 5858 and 5555. I could’ve played it a lot smarter and waited for them to log and change codes but I panicked. SERVER | Rustafied Medium | |…


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DEFENDING OFFLINE RAIDERS |Rustafied Main| Rust Solo Survival #9

Woke up to a group of 4 offline raiding me. They had my TC and were deep in my base, although things quickly turned in my favour. SERVER | Rustafied Main | | Music [In order from video] ———————————————————————— Flume // Some Minds ———————————————————————— Hans Zimmer // Why So Serious? ———————————————————————— Miguel // Waves…