Single Girl Kicks Out Her First Born In The Sims 4 | Part 34

Halo Infinite – Hololens and Xcloud – Tech Theory

In this episode: We look at technology being developed by Microsoft and how it could effect Halo. In game armor specs – SUPPORT THE CHANNEL! -PATREON: -PAYPAL: GET CONNECTED! -DISCORD: -TWITCH: -SUBREDDIT: SOCIAL MEDIA! -FACEBOOK: -TWITTER: -INSTAGRAM: -Installation00 Amino –

Forza Horizon 4 In VIRTUAL REALITY! (+ Wheel!)

We’ve tried it with Need for Speed, it’s now time to check it out in FH4! Testing stupid cars from the Reliant, to fast cars like the Bugatti Chiron… ►►My Car Channel!! | This video uses Virtual Desktop (VR) ▷ Twitter | ► Instagram | ▷ Website | ►My Racing setup…

Red Dead Redemption 2 Game vs Real Life Guns Comparison

In my personal rating Red Dead redemption 2 is the Game of the year and this video is my thanks to the awesome dev team. I know it’s been a while since I announced working on this project, but it’s finally out – Red Dead Redemption 2 Guns in Real Life Comparison ! And it…

Prey: Typhon Hunter in PSVR

I finally play Typhon Hunter in vr. It’s the virtual reality adaptation to Prey, the game that was released in May of 2017. While playing, i take forever completing the first mission available in VR- Watch live at

Welche VR Spiele erwarten uns 2019? Virtual Reality auf PSVR / SteamVR / Oculus

Ich habe für euch eine Liste der wichtigsten Virtual Reality Spiele erstellt, die 2019 erscheinen sollen und zwar auf den Plattformen PSVR, SteamVR und Oculus. Wenn ihr mich mit 1$ pro Monat unterstützen wollt, würde ich mir sehr freuen: [VoodooDE’s Non-VR-Kanal] [VoodooDE’s english channel] [Zugehörige Playlist] [Größte deutsche VR Discord Community]…

Firewall Zero Hour – with Mobjects, pjdemaio11, thinebrother86, Spark1223

A community of virtual reality enthusiasts streaming competitive online virtual reality games on Playstation 4 PS4 PSVR. Drop in, say hello! Always accepting challengers and new teammates. Check the comments for timestamps of epic moments. Adult language and subject matter sometimes present.