Single Girl Kicks Out Her First Born In The Sims 4 | Part 34

CS:GO Pro’s Answer: Who is your favourite Counter-Strike caster?

We asked several CS:GO pro’s and analysts “Who is your favourite Counter-Strike caster?”. From Anders and Henry G to Semmalr and Spunj the Counter-Strike pro’s tell who their favourites are and why. Comment below and let us know your thoughts and make sure to tell us why! Timestamps: 0:03 – k0nfig 0:15 – daps 0:42…

How To Make Great Game Rivals – Pokemon and Devil May Cry ~ Design Doc

Lots of games have great rivals, but rivals are more than just bosses. Crafting that rivalry takes some careful thought. How do you make a great game rival? To answer this, we will be looking at Pokemon and Devil May Cry. Support Design Doc on Patreon and help us release videos faster: