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Warframe | Higher

Music: Higher – The Score https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XclXvB1Gmnc ___ After 7 months of filming here and there, and a bunch of help from my clan mates, here is my follow-up to Legendary! Featuring… (and a big thanks to these folks in no particular order) TheJadrimian Potatrobot ViralN9 Taldaron Terwynd Drago

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WARFRAME | Should You Play It?

I happened to stumble across Warframe while browsing Steam and it’s been the best worst thing I’ve ever done. I’m hooked. The first gaming video has officially come! This marks a huge change in the channel, hope you guys enjoy! Add me on Warframe: @TheRealGrizz Follow on Social Media! » Facebook.com/thegrizzlytv » twitter.com/thegrizzlytv » instagram.com/thegrizzlytv…

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The Second Dream Reaction || Warframe

THE SECOND DREAM IS HERE! This is the full quest from start to finish. Thanks for joining me on this adventure so far! All the love to you beautiful b3ars out there. Live streams: https://www.twitch.tv/shandab3ar _________________________ ♥ Links ♥ ____________________________ ♥ Buy me a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/shandabear ♥ Channel Membership: https://goo.gl/KoIkJa ♥ Teamb3ar Merch: https://goo.gl/KYyLhw ♥…

Warframe Lore - Part 2: The Second Dream, The Lotus & The Stalker thumbnail

Warframe Lore – Part 2: The Second Dream, The Lotus & The Stalker

Part 2 of my Warframe lore series. In this video we’re uncovering the secrets of the Lotus in the Second Dream quest and exploring Hunhow, The Stalker and the Sentient plot to win the Old War! Try Warframe! Sign up for free here: https://bit.ly/2IiTuU5 How I record my videos: http://e.lga.to/MyNameIsByf Subscribe to My name is…

Warframes FINAL cinematic Quest? thumbnail

Warframes FINAL cinematic Quest?

Its trues, FINAL cinematic quest for the trilogy is going to be the sacrifice! They kind of confirmed it in a very confusing tweet but have since retweeted it using better wording and a link: https://www.warframe.com/news/warframe-quest-guide To get to the final quest you have to first do the other 11 listed in link above. This…

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Warframe – Somachord – Complete Overview

00:00 Intro 02:12 Archwing – Neptune 03:06 Consume Us – Mars 04:07 Corpus Greed – Venus 05:09 Corrupted – Void 06:11 Derelicts – Orokin Derelict 07:15 Gene Molds – Earth 08:22 Ghosts of the Void – Void 09:25 Grakata – Uranus 10:30 Grineer Onslaught – Sedna 11:30 Hunhow – Uranus 12:42 March of the Moa…

Warframe: The Alchemy of Addiction thumbnail

Warframe: The Alchemy of Addiction

In this video, I look into what makes Warframe’s free to play model tick, it’s successes and it’s failures. I actually wrote the majoirty of the script months ago, so when I came back to finally make it into a video, I had to update huge sections of outdated information, including of course, the existence…